Meteor Shower Alert in Pittsburgh


You no doubt were looking to the skies for a great show with the annual Perseid Meteor Shower before dawn this morning, however an even greater show may take place tomorrow night in Pittsburgh when the Arizona Cardinals take on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It’s preseason, however there are five things you should still be watching for:

1. Matt Leinart vs. Brian St. Pierre.  Don’t fool yourselves kids.  This battle for the backup quarterback position is closer than you think.

2. In-game Darnell Dockett Twitter updates.  Hey, the man, if nothing else, has been a great public figure for the fans during this training camp, constantly updating his Twitter page.

3. Tyler Palko.  The 4th string and no-chance-of-making-this-team-in-hell quarterback gets to go play back in Pittsburgh where he played for the Panthers.

4. No Tony Kornheiser on the ESPN broadcast.  In his place, Jon Gruden.  Oh boy.  This should be fun.  I wonder how many “chucky” references we will hear.  Get em’ out of your system now ESPN and let’s move on.

5. I swear to God, I’ve seen the Santonio Holmes catch in Super Bowl 43 like a million times already and the ending is always the same.  Never gets any better.   Guess how many times you’re likely to see it Thursday night?  Mmm hmmm.  Tell me how your stomach feels at this time tomorrow night after seeing it a million or more.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen (