No Yang-ing Your Chain: Tiger Woods Loses, Continuing Proof that the Impossible Can Happen


Let’s review some amazing sports news in 2009, through today August 16th.

The Arizona Cardinals won the NFC West and NFC Championship and went to the Super Bowl.

After being left for all but gone for Canada, the Phoenix Coyotes will most likely be staying in the desert.

Michael Vick gets a second chance with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Now, Tiger Woods loses a major for the first time ever after going into the clubhouse as the third round leader.

Given the weekend’s events, first with Vick being signed and now Tiger losing in historic fashion, I would say this is one of the more amazing sports weekends in quite sometime given the once though impossibilities of both stories.

Now, I’m just waiting to see what’s up the Cardinals sleeves this week?  An Anquan Boldin extension?  Ok, ok, I know, let’s not push it!

Scott Allen