Positives Found in Loss to Pittsburgh


Sure the third team offense looked like doggie do-do on Thursday.  Sure it was disappointing that the first team offense failed to score on two possessions.  There are some positives though that we can take from the 20-10 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night.

Matt Leinart.  He showed he can still throw and move around the pocket.  He had great footwork.  Can it translate to regular season action if starter Kurt Warner goes down?  Based on what I saw the other night, I would think so.  It was probably one of the best preseason games I’ve seen Leinart play since joining the Cardinals.  As I spoke about a couple of weeks ago, he is maturing, not only personally, however as a player as well.

Steve Breaston.  Although he may be injured, we are still waiting for MRI results, he still showed good hands and almost came down with a nice catch against the Steelers Troy Polamalu.

Michael Ray Garvin.  I still think “porn star” when I hear his name.  I don’t know why?  Either that or a serial killer.  Let’s hope no one digs up any truth on him like this because I liked what I saw from him in the return game.  Coach Ken Whisenhunt pointed out that he has great speed and if he can find a way to hit holes, then he could be a real threat.  I couldn’t agree more.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen