Cards Go to the “District”, Take Annual Trip to the Movies


One of the cool things coach Ken Whisenhunt has done in training camp over the past couple of years, is give the Cards players a break and take them to the movies.  I’ve always thought this was a sweet way for the Cards players to get away from it all – if there is such a thing in Flagstaff during camp.

The players has the choice of seeing “District 9”, “G.I Joe”, “Funny People”, and “Ugly Truth”.  Everyone, including Whisenhunt, chose to see “District 9” on Tuesday morning.  I hope everyone wanted to see it.  Were they maybe sucking up to Whiz by choosing the movie he wanted to see?  Or did they follow the lead on the reviews?  I’ve heard many great reviews for “District 9”, but as my good friend Brian put it today, he saw “District 9” over the weekend and called it “dumb, dumb, dumb”.  One of the worst movies he’s seen.  On second thought, with that scathing review, maybe the Cards would have been better off practicing this morning.

Scott Allen