Favre Signs With Vikings, Mark Your Calendars For Dec 6th


Well, the inevitable happened today.  Brett Favre signed with the Minnesota Vikings.  Some people I’ve talked to seemed surprised.  Why?  He does this every year.  Only this time people actually bought into the idea of him retiring for good this time. 

The only thing Favre wanted to do was make sure he missed the majority of training camp.  I hate when players play the “I’m a legend/I’m a veteran, I don’t need training camp.”  Suck it up!  You are getting paid millions to do what you do.  The least you could do is show your teammates you care.

Publicly, the other Vikings players will say he can do what he wants and they are happy to have him on the team.  Privately, I’ll bet that’s a whole different discussion.  I used to love to watch Favre play.  I had respect for the way he got through his father’s death and wife’s cancer.  He used to be something to watch out on the field.  However, as a player, recently, he has really let people down.  He let the people of Green Bay down.  He let the people of New York down last season.  He almost single-handedly sunk the Jets chances last season. 

Whatever you think of him, he’s coming to town December 6th against the Arizona Cardinals.  If he’s healthy, you can bet he will be the starter at that point.  I only have one question though now that Favre is in camp.  What will Sage Rosenfels do? 

Go Cards!

Scott Allen