‘Edge’ Signs With Seahawks


Former Arizona Cardinals running back Edgerrin James did exactly what I thought he would and should after last season ended – he signed with an NFC West opponent, the Seattle Seahawks.

Now, this seems to be a good fit for Edge and honestly that is the most likely reason Edge signed with an NFC West foe in Seattle.  Julius Jones hasn’t panned out the way the Seahawks envisioned, at least not producing like he did in Dallas.

You have to think part of Edge though is estatic that he has signed with another NFC West team.  This guarantees Edge will see the Cards twice in the season.  You can be sure he already has the dates circled on his calendar.  First game against the Seahawks this season is in Seattle on October 18.  Yours truly already planned on being there in person.  Even more of a reason now.

Edge still has something left in the tank.  He’ll never consistently break for long yardage, but he eats up carries and yards in short stints.  He clearly wasn’t happy with how he exited Arizona.  He felt the Cards released him late into the off-season, as the Cards waited until they drafted Beanie Wells at the end of April before releasing Edge.  Now he has the chance to prove Arizona wrong and I don’t blame him one bit for having a chip on his shoulder when the two teams meet.  Good luck Edge!

Scott Allen