A Cowboy Conspiracy


Here I thought, just thought maybe, the NFL was going to rule against Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys on this one.  Nope.  Not a chance.

The NFL announced today that, although they are changing the rule when a ball hits their new video scoreboard, that now it will be a do-over and is subject to video review, they will not be forcing the Cowboys to alter the 90 foot height of the board.  What a surprise!  I’m guessing this deicision was made for two reasons.  One, the NFL wanted to save face, since they ultimately were the ones who approved the board in the first place.  Secondly, will all the moaning and complaining Jones does about everything, the NFL probably just didn’t want to hear it.  Oh I can’t wait for the first do-over.  It’ll be the most talked about thing during a football game since John  Madden several years ago decided to point out a Snickers Bar in the back of the football pants of a San Francisco 49’ers offensive lineman.

I can’t help but think what if this had happened in University of Phoenix Stadium to the Arizona Cardinals three years ago when it opened?  Ha!  It would have been a completely different result I believe.  First of all, it’s the Cardinals.  Until the Super Bowl, the NFL could have cared less about the inept franchise.  All the pull from the Bidwill’s in the world wouldn’t have made NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell enact a change, which by the way is for this season only as of right now. Secondly, the NFL would have had an easier time convinving the general public this was the Cardinals fault and not theirs.  For the NFL to come out and say the Cowboys were wrong would be like Sirius Satellite Radio coming out and publicly denounce Howard Stern – just ain’t happening.

So, look for multiple do-overs this season and expect a bigger do-over in the off-season when this subject can be looked at a little more carefully, having the ability to review game tapes from the season, having much more to go on to make a more informed decision.

Scott Allen