The Cut to 75 Includes Rookie Garvin


The Arizona Cardinals made their cuts to get to 75 today.  They had until tomorrow to get it done.

Included in the cut to 75 was the waiving of Michael Ray Garvin.  I liked what he brought to the table.  He was a quick guy who unfortunately found himself injured early on in camp.  His injury was something the Cards apparently couldn’t wait on to get better.

On the first day of camp he tried to show everyone up by out running everyone in conditioning sprints.  Receiver Anquan Boldin didn’t take to that to lightly.  He thought Garvin needed to knock that crap off.  Hey, I loved it.  Vets should get up for camp as everyone else does.  I realize he’s been in the league now for seven seasons, but if everyone had the spirit Garvin did, maybe this team wouldn’t have been whipped in the first half against Green Bay.

If Garvin is not picked up on waivers and he clears, he will spend the season on the Cardinals Injured Reserve.

Scott Allen