Hurricane Jimena Has Nothing on Coach Whisenhunt


Hurricane Jimena, which was a category 5 hurricane, downgraded to a 3 today, and sitting just to the south of us on the Baja Peninsula of Mexico, packs a strong punch.  It will be a low pressure system bringing a chance of precipitation by this weekend to Arizona.  However, the storm has nothing on the punches that coach Ken Whisenhunt is still carrying after last Friday night’s loss to the Green Bay Packers.

I can’t say I blame him either.  After such a dismal performance by the starters on Friday, Whisenhunt still hasn’t decided how much the starters will play on Thursday night in Denver against the Broncos.

"“Am I still angry about that game? Absolutely”, Whisenhunt said"

He should be.  They played uninspired, had the attitude of a team that didn’t care much to be playing and played like someone who thinks they can turn it on and off whenever they want.  It doesn’t work like that in the NFL boys!

"“I don’t accept the way we played and I’d like to say it will never happen again.”, he said."

That’s what many of us are scared of.  History says it will happen again and when it counts the most.  Let’s hope not.

Scott Allen