Cardinals Final 53 Roster Predictions


I’m not an insider or anyone the proclaims to be the most knowledgeable in all that is the Arizona Cardinals.  I do however, enjoy making predictions.  Given that, this is my prediction of how the initial 53 man roster will play out after cuts are made by September 5th, which is Saturday.

The Offense:

QB: Kurt Warner, Matt Leinart, Brian St. Pierre

As much as I would like to see Tyler Palko make it over St. Pierre given St. Pierre’s play in this preseason, I think because St. Pierre knows the system, he will make it, although I would not be surprised to see Palko added to the practice squad if he clears waivers.

RB: Tim Hightower, Chris Wells, Jason Wright, LaRod Stephens-Howling

You can’t ignore what both Wright and Stephens-Howling have added this camp to the team.  Stephens-Howling has proven a commodity in special teams returning kicks and Wright is a tough runner.  If you have to cut one, Wright might be out.

WR: Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, Steve Breaston, Jerheme Urban, Sean Morey, Early Doucet

Tough call on the sixth receiver, but I think it’s too early to give up on Doucet.  Even though he is currently injured, this team can get away with five until he returns.  I do really like the way Onrea Jones has played and if there is a replacement for Doucet, I would say it is him.  Lance Long I thought played his way out of a spot last week against Green Bay.

TE: Stephen Spach, Anthony Becht

Another tough call.  You hate to give up on Leonard Pope, however he just hasn’t done enough to keep his job.  Ultimately when he returns from his four-game suspension, Ben Patrick is the number one here.  Look for Dominque Byrd to split time here and at fullback.  I like him to make the team.

FB:  Byrd, Reagan Maui’a.

Maui’a has impressed and I think he deserves a shot.

OL: Mike Gandy, Brandon Pearce, Reggie Wells, Elton Brown, Lyle Sendlein, Ben Claxton, Deuce Lutui, Brandon Keith, Levi Brown, Oliver Ross

No big surprises here as far as I am concerned.

The Defense:

DL: Calias Campbell, Kenny Iwebema, Bryan Robinson, Gabe Watson, Darnell Dockett, Keilen Dykes

Apologies to Alan Branch, odd man out.

OLB: Chike Okeafor, Bertrand Berry, Will Davis, Clark Haggans, Victor Hobson.

When Cody Brown (injured reserve) and Pagu Togafau (who was waived this week) went out with an injury, it opened the door for Hobson and Davis to stick around, although this was a deep position that could have seen all seven stay and see cuts somewhere else.

ILB: Karlos Dansby, Reggie Walker, Gerald Hayes

I love Walker.  He is a hard hitter who has surprised me.  I hope we hear his name called alot on Sunday’s this fall.

CB: Bryant McFadden, Ralph Brown, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Michael Adams, Greg Toler

After last weeks torching, I’m not sure any of them should stay.  However, it was one game and preseason at that.  There is much room for improvement here though.  DRC needs to keep in mind that being flashy, arrogant, and carrying a posse around is all fine and dandy, but it won’t win you games on Sunday’s.  He needs to tone it down but step it up at the same time.

SS: Adrian Wilson, Aaron Francisco

I still am no fan of Francisco, but unless something magical happens on the waiver wire, he’s here to stay.  He adds something to special teams I guess, if you have to say something positive about his play. Wilrey Fontenot is a University of Arizona guy like me, however his play has been disappointing to say the least.

FS: Antrel Rolle, Matt Ware

Rolle is a guy who had a good season in 2008.  His 2009 preseason has still left something to be desired though.


K: Neil Rackers

P: Ben Graham

LS: Mike Leach

I know I have at least some of this right, but as usual, it’s just all a guess and I’m sure it is still a guess until after tomorrow night in Ken Whisenhunt’s mind as well.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen