Man Slaps Child in Walmart, Should Be Sent Into NFL Game Without Pads


You’ve probably heard the story by now.  An Angry man slapped a child that wasn’t his, a three year old child – not even his, for crying and not stopping as he had angrily asked the mom, at an Atlanta Wal-Mart.  I have a two year old and this story really reaches to my inner core.  As I’ve read, so has it to others as well and rightfully so.

Children cry.  Yes it can get annoying sometimes, especially if the parent does nothing to try to stop it.  Sometimes though, speaking from experience, there is only so much you can do and realize – CHILDREN CRY!  It’s what they do.  Now, I am lucky that my child doesn’t cry out or act out in public too much at all, but it is NO excuse to do what he did.  This man, all he had to do was walk away, and he chose to escalate the situation.

My solution – send him into an NFL game without pads and let the players gang tackle him.  What he did to that child is pathetic.  I hear the child doesn’t remember a thing and has moved on as if nothing happened.  Most little ones are like that, very resiliant.  For the parents though, you don’t forget something like that.  It really tears my heart out anytime I see something happen to little children.  I could not imagine being faced with the situation that little girl’s mother had to deal with.

I’ve read that people would do anything as simple as slap the guy back to killing the guy with a gun.  I know this, I would have lost it and probably would have hit the guy back in some manner.  This guy deserves so much worse though.  Some ideas, remembering, no pads:

  • Send him on a cross pattern in the way of Adrian Wilson and let him hit head to head. Don’t send him on a route towards Aaron Francisco though, otherwise he’d get away.
  • Have him play quarterback without an offensive line against the Cardinals front four.
  • Re-introduce the “wedge” rule for one game and set him up to receive the wedge kick.

Get the point?  I’m very interested to hear if anyone else has ideas.  I think I might have just hit the tip of the iceberg here.  I hope that man gets what he deserves.

Scott Allen