Arizona Cardinals Cut to 53


The Arizona Cardinals made their cuts to 53 this afternoon.  There are not a lot of surprises, however there are a couple of eye openers, especially to me, given my predictions a couple of days ago.

The cuts:

1. Linebacker – Chase Bullock

2. Guard – Trevor Canfield

3. Fullback – Tim Castille – I had him cut on my initial prediction list, however it still is interesting because I thought there would be more out of him in the preseason and it just wasn’t there.

4. Cornerback – Jameel Dowling

5. Defensive tackle – Keilen Dykes

6. Defensive end – Alex Field

7. Cornerback – Wilrey Fontenot – my guy from University of Arizona.  I said the other day he was getting beat and really didn’t appear to be an NFL caliber guy.  I was right.  He was beat again last night in Denver and that sealed his fate.

8. Center – Melvin Fowler

9. Safety – Aaron Francisco – Although I said he was not very good at safety, I thought he would make this team for his special teams play.  Apparently that wasn’t enough and I’m good with that.  Francisco consistently was torched in the defensive backfield.

10. Wide receiver – Ed Gant

11. Linebacker – Victor Hobson

12. Linebacker – David Holloway

13. Wide receiver – Onrea Jones – Jones loses the battle with Lance Long, which was expected, although I thought Jones outplayed

14. Defensive tackle – Rodney Leisle

15. Fullback – Reagan Maui’a – the one I went out on a limb with and thought would make it.  Oh well.

16. Guard – Carlton Medder

17. Quarterback – Tyler Palko – as expected Brian St. Pierre wins the 3rd QB spot.  Palko sealed his fate last night while St. Pierre sat because of injury.

18. Tight end – Leonard Pope – not a surprise but definitely the most disappointing of the bunch.  He never could consistently catch a ball when it mattered most.  I hope he can catch on somewhere.  Wait, did I just say catch and Pope in the same sentence?

19. Tackle – Oliver Ross

20. Wide receiver – Steve Sanders

21. Running back – Chris Vincent

Scott Allen