NFL Week One Predictions


The NFL Season is finally upon us.  With that being said, here are my picks for week one.  I realize I may be tipping my hat in my pick’em league, but I doubt that I will have a lot of people agree with me, given my knack for picking the underdogs – and losing a lot!


Tennessee @ Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh.  It should be a good close game, however being at home, season opener, it will prove to be too much for the team from Nashville.


Miami @ Atlanta – Atlanta. 21 % of my league participants have chosen Miami.  I am not in that 21%.  Matt Ryan will prove there will be no sophomore jinx.

Denver @ Cincinnati – Denver. Kyle Orton and the Denver Broncos will spell disaster together often in 2009.  However, they start off easy in Cincy.  When I say easy, easier than most games on their road schedule.  Expect Denver to prevail.

Minnesota @ Cleveland – Minnesota.  Cleveland can’t even name a starting quarterback yet.  You won’t be able to either after this debacle.  Vikings in a runaway.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis – Indy.  Indy, at home, against a team with an injured starting running back, a sub-par starting quarterback, and an over-rated head coach.

Detroit @ New Orleans – Det…haha, had you going.  New Orleans of course.  Lock of the week here.  Not only is Detroit trying to win a regular season game in two seasons, they will be doing it with a rookie quarterback in Matthew Stafford.  Good luck.  Drew Brees and company might have this put away by halftime.

Dallas @ Tampa Bay – Dallas.  A tough one to call but only because it’s at Raymond James Stadium.  Tampa’s offense should be out of synch after the firing of it’s offensive coordinator last week.  However, Tampa’s defense might keep it close throughout.

Philadelphia @ Carolina – Carolina.  Another tough one.  The popular choice is Philly, especially given the Panthers tough preseason.  However, don’t underestimate the power of a great running game at home on opening day.

Kansas City @ Baltimore – Baltimore.  Really?  You needed to know?  Let’s put it this way.  If Baltimore starts the season at home against KC and loses, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh better be looking for new work.

New York Jets @ Houston – Houston.  Maybe one of the more interesting games to watch on Sunday.  This could be a shootout.  Rookie QB Mark Sanchez gets his first official start in the NFL.

San Francisco @ Arizona – Arizona.  This is always an entertaining game.  At least it has been for the past couple of seasons.  In a game Arizona should handle the opposing team at home easily, which we know won’t happen, you have an up and coming team in the 49ers and a team that struggled mightily in the preseason.  They say preseason doesn’t mean much.  We’ll see.  Arizona in a close one.

St. Louis @ Seattle – Seattle.  The Jim Mora Jr. era kicks off with a drubbing of the eventual division cellar dweller.

Sunday Night:

Chicago @ Green Bay – Green Bay.  Green Bay’s offense looked good in the preseason.  Jay Cutler does not look good in a Bears uniform.  By the time the game ends, you’ll see more Lambeau Field on Cutler’s jersey than anything resembling the Chicago Bears.

Monday Night:

Buffalo @ New England – New England.  I’m still waiting for the next ridiculous move the Patriots make, but whatever they do they should win at home in front of a national audience.  I was this close to taking the Bills though.  This could be the one upset of the week.

San Diego @ Oakland – San Diego.  Oakland might be the most dysfunctional team in the league.  Maybe Raiders head coach Tom Cable will punch a referee before the game is over?

Scott Allen