Still Short of a Sellout


The Arizona Cardinals, as of yesterday, were still 2,000 tickets shy of a sellout.  It would be their first non-sellout since moving to University of Phoenix Stadium in 2006.  Local media outlets today are still reporting it today with the same number, obviously not calling the Cardinals for an update.

Those 2000 tickets are sold on  Not included in the number are the scores of tickets already sold and being re-sold on,, and

Cheapest tickets found as of 7pm Wednesday evening below.

Ebay: $50 – Auction, $45 – Buy It Now (1 ticket).

Craigslist: $35 each

Stubhub: $36 each

Please be aware on ebay and craigslist of people trying to scam you into thinking you are buying real game tickets for anything less – it is usually for parking only, something not every seller is upfront about.  Watch the headlines, they will suck you in.

Scott Allen