Monday Evening Quarterback


Some random thoughts on yesterday’s game and the aftermath of the 20-16 loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said that Steve Breaston’s knee was bothering him yesterday when he showed up for the game, so they put him on the inactive list for the game, instead setting up Jerheme Urban as the number three.  Urban once again though dropped important balls.  I love his size and his effort after a catch, however he needs to be more consistent with catching the ball if he wants to be considered a legitimate threat. Breaston has been declared available to play in Jacksonville this Sunday.

Waiting to see if safety Adrian Wilson gets fined or suspended or both.  I have a gut feeling we’ll see both.  Probably $25,000 and one game.  It’s unfortunate.  You can’t teach Wilson to play any differently.  I wish the NFL would take a closer look sometimes and realize the intent.  Wilson is not a head hunter who is out to hurt anyone.

Not the same old Cardinals?  Mark Asher from Sports 620 KTAR this afternoon said not so.  Listen, I know what he is saying.  I know they hung a banner yesterday.  Yes they have spent a lot of money on talent, and now do a better job of taking care of fans.  However yesterday was exactly the type of game the Cardinals have been losing for years – YEARS!  They can’t close it out when it matters most.  When it mattered most on Sunday, with 3:11 left and the ball on the San Francisco 38 yard line, they managed to lose 15 yards on penalties before a play was officially run and ended up punting.  Playoff teams don’t make those types of mistakes, not even in week one.  Too many penalties and thanks to coach Whiz for calling his players out saying they won’t play if they committ penalties.

Scott Allen