Return Hit For Wilson Not Bad


When s Arizona Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson scored a penalty for a hard hit on the San Francisco 49’ers tight end Vernon Davis, many people though there would be a hefty fine and possible suspension.  I threw out $25,000 and a one game suspension.  Then I heard since it would not be his first infraction, that the fine actually increases from $25,000 to $50,000.  Turns out, the NFL saw it differently.  Since he was flagged for the hit, the NFL fined him $10,000, but that was it.  No suspension.

I think what we saw here was a case where the NFL found themselves in a position where they had to do something, but also used some common sense in realizing there was no malicious intent on the part of Wilson.  Good for the NFL.  I’m still in the camp of Wilson did nothing wrong and how else do you teach a guy to hit.  It wasn’t helmet to helmet.  Nevertheless, it’s over and we move on until the next hard hit Wilson lays on a cross pattern receiver.

Scott Allen