It’s Not About Talent, It’s About Consistency


All week people told me, relax, it was one game.  Relax, the preseason means nothing.  My reaction to the game one loss was overblown.  Maybe a little, I’ll admit, but let’s be honest, there was some truth in my words and I wasn’t the only one saying them if you cared to look around.  Some said today was a must win.  I stopped short of that statement, but I did say last week this team would only win 3 games if their current play continued.  Another commentator predicted 4 games.  I wasn’t alone in my feelings, I may have just overstated it a little more than others.

This team has all the talent in the world.  This is basically the same team that went to the Super Bowl just 7 1/2 months ago.  There was something missing though as we went through the preseason that did unfotunately carry over to game one.  Oh, and for those that said it was just one game after the loss to San Francisco, let me tell you it was more.  It was against a divisional opponent, at home, on opening day.  It’s important to get off to good starts in the NFL.  I know it’s all about how you finish, but if you start slow, you won’t get the opportunity to finish strong and take your team places they’ve never been before, such as last year’s Cardinals team.

The team has shown heart at times, but not consistently.  In the preseason, and coach Ken Whisenhunt even pointed it out after the Green Bay loss, the team, the starters in particular, looked like they were unprepared and not ready to go out and play a football game.

Today, the Cardinals looked prepared.  They looked like a team that cared, even when Jacksonville mounted a comeback attempt.  After today’s game, quarterback Kurt Warner said that the team needs to play like they did today with more consistency.  Receiver Larry Fitzgerald said they aren’t exactly where they want to be yet, but headed in the right direction. Mike Sando, NFC West blogger, said that the Cardinals must still prove it can play like this with consistency given the stronger NFC West this season.

Agreed.  Oh and by the way, I sure wish national commentators would stop talking about how old Warner is.  We get it, he’s an older QB.  He’s 38.  He played like 28 today.  If the offensive line gives him time like today, he will continue to find a rhythm and continue to dissect defenses, I don’t care how old he is.  Consistency though please.  Consistency.   Age has nothing to do with it.

Scott Allen