Wells vs. Hightower Debate


Arizona Cardinals running backs Chris “Beanie” Wells or Tim Hightower, which one do you choose as your starter?  Do you go with both?  Is one better than the other?  It’s a debate you may be seeing played out for quite sometime I’m afraid.

After week one, the debate was leaning heavily in favor of Wells.  He came in and ran off a couple of good runs.  He had 45 yards on 7 carries.  Hightower was more of a focus in the short passing game, which was great for all his 121 yards and 12 receptions, however his rushing left a little to be desired.

In game two, it looked like it was a good mix of the two coming in and out of the game early.  Hightower looked good, found a couple of holes.  Wells explosiveness was quite apparent.  Maybe having a platoon situation would work best right now?  Well, that was a good idea until Wells felt like putting the ball on the ground – twice.

He has a history of putting the ball on the ground.  It was something his explosiveness made it worth forgetting about.  No matter how good he is, in this league, if you put the ball on the ground on a consistent basis, then you’ll be sitting on the sidelines.  So, still calling for Wells to be your full-time starter?  Don’t worry, he will be eventually I think.  Right now, he needs to sit back and learn.  Even as a second year player, Hightower needs to teach by example.  Hightower can show Wells everything he needs to know as an NFL player.  Hightower just went through his rookie season, a successful one at that.

Wells will be carrying a football with him everywhere he goes this week.  Hopefully he will learn to keep the ball in his hands.  Sure, we haven’t seen his last fumble.  The trick though, is to see a lot less of it.  Two times in the same game, both in crucial situations, just can’t happen or Wells will be seeing more of the bench than the field.

Scott Allen