Cards Relax on Bye Week


The Arizona Cardinals are taking their bye week this week.  Some might argue it comes too early,  some might argue that it comes at a good time as the team still struggles to find an identity to this season.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt released players early, canceled practice on Thursday and the team does not need to return until Monday to start the prep for the Houston Texans a week from Sunday.

I had the opportunity to meet Bertrand Berry last night at his radio show, The Big Red Rage, on Sports 620 KTAR.  What a nice guy he is.  He is really down to earth and I see why people really like him.  He said it’s a good time for the bye week and said he is aware there are those out there that think it might be early.

My guess is this comes at a good time.  Sure you’d like to see the bye come a little later in certain situations, but right now before the season is lost, it is a good time to regain that focus.  Players need to take time to get away and clear their heads, and allow the injured to heal a little.

Scott Allen