Monday Evening Quarterback


Of course with the Arizona Cardinals off, I don’t have anything to harp on or praise from a Sunday game.  After watching the Houston Texans, the Cards opponent this week,  defeat the Oakland Raiders yesterday, a few observations about them.

Texans RB Steve Slaton might be a waking giant.  He managed 65 yards against a stingy Raiders rush defense.  He scored two touchdowns, one on the ground and one receiving.  Slaton has started off slow.  I should know, he’s my starting RB in my fantasy league.  Let’s keep in mind though, this was the Raiders he was playing, but their rush defense is decent.

Houston is a hard team to figure out just like the Cardinals.  Houston loses at home to the Jets.  They win on the road against Tennessee.  They lose at home to Jacksonville, a week after the Cardinals whipped the Jags in Jacksonville.  Then they beat a beat they should have beaten, the Raiders.  They are 2-2 and really searching for a lot of the same answers the Cards are.  Who are we?  There is a good chance the Cards will be 2-2 after this Sunday, yet we will still be asking the same questions.

The one thing the Cards should not do though, is overlook the Texans or take them lightly.  This is the NFL and anyone can win on any given Sunday.  We all know that by now.

Scott Allen