A Great Day in the Great Northwest


I used an analogy earlier today that said the Arizona Cardinals would be

late to today’s party, however eventually make it and end up winning a close game.  I would like to make a correction, the party never started – for the Seattle Seahawks.  The Hawks never showed up as the Cardinals whipped them in Seattle 27-3.

From the get go it was all Cardinals.  Before the Seahawks even took a snap on offense, they were already down 14-0.  The Cards dominated in every phase of the game.  If not for a successful 42 yard fake punt play, the Hawks never even would have scored.

The good:

  • Cards quarterback Kurt Warner surpassed 30,000 yards passing for his career.
  • The Seahawks were held to an all-time franchise low 14 yards rushing.
  • The Cards pass defense only allowed Hawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck to complete 10 passes for a total of 112 yards.  You can thank the Cards pass rush for that.
  • Cards receiver Larry Fitzgerald had 13 receptions for 100 yards and one TD.  I think it’s fair to say Fitz is back.

The Bad:

  • About the only bad you could find here was when the Cards fell for the fake punt, allowing Seattle to drive for its only 3 points of the day.

The Ugly:

  • All the ugly was on Seattle’s side of the ball.  In a game that was expected to be closely contended, the Hawks never got into any rhythm, either on offense or defense.  The Cards had possession of the ball for over 42 minutes.

Next week:  At The New York Giants on Sunday Night Football.  Enjoy this one.  Next week will be much tougher.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen