Forget the Weather, Heat is Rising in Seattle


When the NFL schedule was released back in April, this was the game on the schedule where I had an idea we’d find more out about the Arizona Cardinals and it appears we are still all waiting to see what we get.

Questions to be answered:

Will the Cards make out like Bill Murray and his troops in Stripes today against the Seattle Seahawks?  You remember, where they were late for graduation but yet impressed enough to get the big prize of going to Europe to show off their stuff.  In this case, the Cards may end up being late to the party today, however in the end when it counts, they end up winning the game and once again controlling their destiny in the division.

Can the Cards stop the Matt Hasselbeck train?  Hasselbeck returned from injury last week and stomped on the Jacksonville Jaguars 41-0.  Now, that was the Jags, a team the Cards also dismantled, however Seattle appeared to be moving their offense on all cylinders.  A win by Seattle here goes a long way in showing people they may be on their way back to re-claim a division they had a hold on for several years.

Will Cards receiver Steve Breaston play?  He is listed as questions yet once again.  He was limited in practice, however I think he makes like Plaxico Burress and once again will play despite the lack of practice.

Arizona wins a close one though I think.  Arizona 27, Seattle 21

Go Cards!

Scott Allen