Back to the East Coast Again


The Arizona Cardinals have another east coast matchup tonight at the Meadowlands in New Jersey against the New York Giants.  Of course there has been talk of Arizona once again not being able to play with the big boys back east.  Everyone says sure they have won their past two games back east in Carolina and Jacksonville, however it’s not New York.  We’ll see.

The question that has been lingering all week is whether Cards receiver Anquan Boldin will play or not.  He is listed as questionable, however he did practice on Friday, which is a good sign.

Cards quarterback Kurt Warner is going to need to be well protected in order to avoid the Giants front four, who barely touched New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees last week.  The Gmen will be hungry.  It’s going to be a tough feat, but I think the Cardinals hang close.  Will it be enough though in front of a national television audience?  Like I said tough, but it should be close.  Giants probably pull out a close one, 31-24.  I would be more than happy to eat that prediction though.

Scott Allen