Cardinals Quick Hits


Anquan Boldin is upset he was not told he was going to be inactive for Sunday’s game.  Get over it Quan.  I have to believe it wasn’t deliberate to see your equipment missing before you got the official word.  Coach Whiz has a million things to do before a game, you know, like worry about all 53 of you guys.  Get over yourself……

Tommie Harris was ejected early yesterday for sucker punching Deuce Lutui.  Harris’ teammate Israel Idonije said Lutui was playing dirty.  Shut up.  Harris should get an additional suspension or fine.  Tony “Comb-Over” Kornheiser said that since the ejection was early in the game, that’s all he should miss.  Nope.  Try again.  Doesn’t matter how much of the game he missed…….

Kurt Warner said maybe his five TD’s yesterday make up for the five interceptions he had last week against the Carolina Panthers.  He may have said it tounge-and-cheek, but unless they are going to reverse the results, again I say NOPE.  It was a heck of a week though and they can’t lose if that continues plus the running game they established yesterday continues….

Coach Whiz’s attempt at humor at his press conference yesterday, mocking former head coach Dennis Green’s post-game conference the last time these two teams hooked up…you know, the MNF debacle in 2006 when the Cards led by 20 at halftime, only to lose the game, was outstanding.  I love coach Whiz!  It just shows even in this game of hard knocks, you have to instill a sense of humor sometimes.  It certainly takes the Edge off.  Speaking of Edge…

Former Cards running back Edgerrin James was released by the Seahawks this past week.  Why?  I know he isn’t what he used to be, but he is no slouch either.  I reviewed the stats from yesterday’s Seahawks-Lions game.  Not like the Hawks blew the Lions away with the running game.  Hawks’ back Julius Jones had 36 yards on 16 carries.  Whoa, hold me back.  You wonder why the Hawks are 3-5.  Who’s running that show anyways?

Go Cards!

Scott Allen