Cards Running Game on the Move


Listening to the NFL Network this morning and yet once again someone has to bring up the Arizona Cardinals running game, or lack thereof.  You know, we are all aware the Cards running game hasn’t exactly blown people away.

The Cards are now second to worst in the league in rushing, thanks to the emergence of Beanie Wells over the past few weeks.  Last week he ran for 85 yards and two touchdowns.

I would love to see a much better running game, but let’s all please remember that the Cardinals can win without one.  They have one of the best passing teams in the league.  Sure, they do need somewhat of a running game, as it was part of the postseason success last year.  I think this years running game is even better than that.  So, let’s stop harping on the running game.  The Cards are who they are.  I think over the next couple of seasons, the Cards might be more of an average NFL running team.  You aren’t going to rely on it  even half the time though as long as Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston are on the field.

Scott Allen