Will Smith is Not Dead, Rest Of NFC West is


Rumors spread around the internet today that actor Will Smith had died in a car accident.  Will Smith has NOT died.  Not sure where that go started, however, after today’s games, it is clear one thing is dead – the NFC West race.

All that matters are the wins and losses.  The games don’t have to be pretty, and today’s Cards-Rams game was not entirely.  With six games left, the Arizona Cardinals are now 7-3 after defeating the St. Louis Rams today, three games up on the second place San Francisco 49’ers, who are now 4-6. The Seattle Seahawks fell to 3-7 today and the Rams to 1-9.

The Cards are now 3-1 inside the division and still an opportunity to avenge their only divisional loss, an opening-day loss at home to the Niners, on Monday Night Football in three weeks.  There should be no let up though, as there are two divisional games left, not to mention a tough road game in Tennessee followed by a tough home game against Minnesota in two weeks.

Seahawks receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh said before the loss to the Vikings today they wouldn’t lose another game and then subsequently went out and laid an egg 35-9.  So, Will Smith is not dead.  Yes, Mr. Houshmandzadeh, your team is and so is the rest of the division.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen