Happy Thanksgiving! Things We Should Be Thankful For


Happy Thanksgiving raisingzona.com and Arizona Cardinals fans!  I hope you all enjoy your football, food, friends, and family on this spectacular holiday!

As I reflect back on what the season and the past year has brought us as Cardinals fans, we do have a lot to be thankful for as do the Cardinals players themselves.

We (and I) should be thankful for:

Kurt Warner.  Even though he suffered an injury to his head last Sunday, he has done more for this franchise and its fans over the past two years than most have done in a lifetime.  He appears to be good to go this Sunday.  Thank god he is on the football field practicing and not sitting in front of a television at home to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Ken Whisenhunt. He has brought a culture and attitude to this franchise that no other coach before him could.  The Cardinals front office got this one right.  After posting an 8-8 record in his first season, we all know what happened last year.  A 9-7 regular season record, one he should eclipse this season, and took this team to the Super Bowl.  The Cards were one defensive drive away from being Super Bowl Champs and very well could make a run in this year’s playoffs again.  The rise to the top of the NFL for Whiz and his Cards has been faster than the cooking time of Butterball Turkeys.

Larry Fitzgerald. Not only does he bring a Superman-like ability to the field each and every week, he is genuinely a good person both on and off the field.  He cares about his team, his fans, and his family.  A well-rounded player that has  deserved every accolade that has come his way.  He does pretty much all.  I mean, we can’t expect him to fetch us any promotional codes for Cyber Monday for the online deals for Christmas shopping, however we should continue to expect him to fetch many more balls for this franchise and I truly believe he has many more big catches up his sleeve this season.

The Cardinals schedule.  The schedule for the Cards has set up really well this season.  For all intent and purpose, the Cards hard part of the schedule has been completed.  They have six games left, two of which I consider very tough (Minnesota, Green Bay, both at home), one slightly tough (at Tennessee this week), and then three very winnable games.  All six are winnable, however, they should win four out of six at least.  Detroit, St. Louis, and San Francisco are still on the schedule.  Who would have thought the Cards would be 5-0 on the road at this point?  Well, not many, including me.  Because of that, the Cards are set up for a possible 11-5 or 12-4 finish.  Best in franchise history.   Say a Thanksgiving prayer for all of that!

You, my readers and Cardinals fans. Without you, this blog could not exist.  Even those who disagree with everything I’ve written, I give you thanks.  You provide me a forum to discuss my favorite team and reach out to others who share common interests.  Thank you for your continued readership and contributions to this blog.  I look forward to a fantastic last six weeks of the season and another great playoff run!  Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

Scott Allen