Uncertainty Still Looms For Cardinals


The Arizona Cardinals head into the biggest game of the season this Sunday night against the Minnesota Vikings with several questions looming, namely and probably most importantly, will Kurt Warner play?

A move the Cards should have made last week in practice, Warner is sharing reps with quarterback Matt Leinart. Good.  Warner doesn’t need all the reps to get ready at this point in his career.  Not sure what to make of Warner’s status.  Coach Ken Whisenhunt indicated it will be a decision made right before game time.  That makes me nervous not only for the Cardinals, but for my fantasy football team as well.  That aside, I do hope the Cards make the right decision.  They did last week.

Another question looms on tackle Mike Gandy.  He hasn’t practiced much this week and with Vikings end Jared Allen on the other side of the ball this week, Gandy’s loss could spell trouble and the writing on that one is all over the wall, including the locker room wall at Cowboys stadium….you know, the one Giants quarterback Eli Manning wrote all over apparently?

We all remember last season when Vikings running back Adrian Peterson ran all over the Cardinals along with quarterback Tavaris Jackson.  Jackson won’t be playing on Sunday night unless Brett Favre takes a turn for the worse, however Peterson will.  At least Peterson won’t be late this week for his stay at the team hotel like he was last week.  He was late for speeding at 109 mph in a 55 mph zone.  I can’t believe he wasn’t ticketed for criminal speeding.  If it was me, my ass would have been thrown in jail.

Hopefully all news is good come 6:20pm Sunday night.  Let’s just all hope it’s at the expense of a sound decision, rather than one made out of fear of losing not only the game, but the division to the San Francisco 49’ers