Waiting All Day For Sunday Night


The day is here!  Or should I say night?  The Arizona Cardinals (7-4) will host Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings (10-1).

The made for television matchup by NBC is finally ready for the big stage tonight.  It sounds like Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner is going to give it a try and will start tonight.  At least if it doesn’t work out, Matt Leinart will be ready waiting in the wings.  I just hope they give me enough time to slot Leinart into my fantasy football lineup.  I need every point I can get, fighting for the last playoff spot today.   It looks like Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, listed as probable, will play as well.

Cards tackle Mike Gandy is out.  Not good news Cards fans.  The Vikes have end Jared Allen on the other side of the ball. Warner had better watch his back or he could be on the sidelines for the rest of the season.  I hope the rest of his line has his back.  Biggest game of the year for the Cards Offensive Line, hands down.

I think the Cards will handle the task at hand and come away with the victory.

Arizona 26 Minnesota 24

Go Cards!!

Scott Allen