Cardinals Have Missed Bus to This Game


I don’t know exactly what the Cardinals practiced on this week, however whatever it was, it sure wasn’t winning football.

The Cards, at least in the first half, have erased every good thing they did against the Vikings last week.  That is a complete distant memory.  The Cards came out and went against everything I mentioned prior to tonight’s game.

  • They haven’t stopped Frank Gore
  • They have turned the ball over FIVE TIMES
  • They have had too many stupid penalties

The Cardinals do not deserve this game or the NFC West if this is the way they decide to play with the divisional championship on the line.  Bottom line is, this has been ugly and it may not get any better.  They are lucky to only be down 17-0 at halftime.

Looks all that maturity I was talking about was all just a mirage.  Once again, the Cards have proven they can not handle the opportunity to be in the national spotlight.  Looks like the Vikings game was just an off night for the Vikes rather than on night for the Cards.

Scott Allen