Fitzgerald Limited in Practice, Should Play


Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald was limited in Wednesday’s practice in Tempe, however has said he expects to play.

Should he play though?  The division isn’t wrapped up I know, however shouldn’t he and the team take the this week’s opponent into consideration?  I think so.  They are in Detroit.  I suppose if he is healthy enough, he should play, but I hope they aren’t pushing it just for the sake of him playing.  Let’s remember we still have Anquan Boldin, who by the way had a spectacular rookie debut in 2003 against the Lions in Detroit.

I’m glad the MRI for Fitz came out ok, but we still have St. Louis and Green Bay.  I think the right thing will be done though.  Quan was held out in the Chicago game and Kurt Warner out of Tennessee despite both listed as questionable.  The right thing will be done.

Scott Allen