Cards Look for 10th Win of Season


The Arizona Cardinals host the St. Louis Rams on Sunday at University of Phoenix Stadium in what should become the Cardinals 10th win of the season, a first since moving to Arizona.

The question is, who will play and for how long for the Cardinals.  If you believe coach Ken Whisenhunt, the regulars will play as long as they are healthy.


The Cardinals still have many experts and fans alike wondering who they really are.  It’s time to shore up the running game and get mentally strong for the playoffs.  As of today, the Cards would be facing the Green Bay Packers in the Wild-Card round.  The Packers also happen to be next week’s opponent.  However, there is still a chance for the Cards to play the Dallas Cowboys or Philadelphia Eagles in the first round as well, so nothing is set in stone.

So, for today’s game, look for (hopefully) a strong dose of Beanie Wells.  Although Tim Hightower has had a case of fumblitis this season, he still need some carries too.  He needs to stay sharp as most likely he will be an important part of the short yardage game in the playoffs, especially in the red zone.

For the Rams, quarterback Marc Bulger went on injured reserve this week.  Stephen Jackson is the sure bet.  He ran for 116 yards against the Cards in November.  If the Rams lose their last two games, they will have the number one draft pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen