Cards Let Packers Feel at Home, Lose 33-7


Whatever the explanation is, whatever the reasons, it was disappointing to see the Arizona Cardinals come out and basically mail it in on Sunday in a 33-7 loss to the Green Bay Packers.

The loss gives the Cards a 4-4 home record for the season.  They’d be better off playing on the road in the playoffs.  However, with the win, they clinched the NFC’s 4th see and another game against the Packers next weekend at University of Phoenix Stadium.

The Packers played their starters for three quarters and the Cards from 1-2 quarters on Sunday.  Even before the starters were pulled though, the Cards were being outplayed by the Cheeseheads of Wisconsin.

The Cards did sustain a couple of significant injuries however none are expected to be serious enough to keep them out of next week’s game.  Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie injured his knee, what was described as a left knee contusion, in the first quarter and Anquan Boldin injured his ankle in the third quarter. Let’s hope they don’t find anything else more damaging with those injuries this week.  The Cards will need both of them to have a chance.

I’m still not sure what the plan was this week.  If their plan was to show absolutely nothing and fool the Packers into thinking they were a team in disarray, it worked.  I realize the reason for not playing starters for too long in a game that for the most part meant nothing, to the team anyway.  You know who it matters to though?  The fans.  They pay good money to come watch what is expected to be a competitive football game and a possible, now certain, playoff preview.  I’m not sure Green Bay showed much either.  They were almost a victim of circumstance with where the Cards stood.  Let’s be honest though, the Packers looked strong and will be a very difficult team to beat next week, no matter who is playing.

Let’s just hope the Cards have some of their playoff run magic from last season still in them, or it’ll be a quick one and done for a team that really never caught a consistent identity in 2009.

Scott Allen