Cards Could Be Better Off On Road


The Green Bay Packers are coming to town on Sunday for a little playoff game against the Arizona Cardinals.  Not sure if you knew or not.  Thought I would mention it.  However, are you like me and get the feeling the Cards could be better off playing on the road rather than at home?

The Cards, who finished 4-4 at home, 6-2 on the road, during the regular season, have seemed to be more comfortable away from the confines of University of Phoenix Stadium this season.   Logic says you play all season to get that home field edge.  Hardly anything the Cards have done this season though has followed what one may consider “logical”.

Take last week for example.  The Packers and the Cards both already knew they would be playing each other this week again, same place.  However, they both went into the game with completely different game plans.  Logic says to a team who just can’t turn it on and off when they want, that you play your healthy starters for as long as you can without giving away everything, but playing enough to the point where you carry some rhythm into the following week.  Nope.  Not these Cards.

These Cards are led by coach Ken Whisenhunt.  His strategy was to play the starters early and sit them most of the game.  Sure, there is risk of injury and the Cards found that out all too well on Sunday.  That’s how the game plays though.  You have to accept those risks.  I won’t sit here and second guess Whiz completely – yet.  I will reserve till the time comes I may need to Sunday evening.  Hopefully I’m sitting here telling you what a genius he is for doing what he did.  Just we are clear though – that does not mean I won’t still call him a genius even if we lose.  Lose a close hard fought game, then I have no gripes whatsoever.  Let’s not forget just how good Green Bay is.  Give them all the credit in the world as well.

Am I glad the game is in Arizona?  Yes, this week I am for the most part.  I certainly would not want to be playing on the frozen tundra in Wisconsin.  Next week, if there is one, I may just relish the trip to New Orleans or Minnesota.  Just remember Carolina January 10, 2009.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen