Arizona Hosts Green Bay for Wild-Card Sunday


The Green Bay Packers are back.  We know what happened last week.  Much has been written about how good the Packers seem to be and how the Arizona Cardinals have no chance.  Virtually everyone in the national media has written the Cards off today, although the odds makers in Vegas are still on the Cards side – barely.

The Cardinals need to get off to a fast start.  They also can not allow Green Bay to get to one of their own.  If the Packers Ryan Grant gets off to any kind of start with the running game, it might be lights out early for the Cards.  Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers also has had better protection from the offensive line over the past eight weeks, only being sacked 13 times.  He was sacked 38 times in the first eight weeks.  Quite a difference.

On offense, the Cards need a balanced attack.  If Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower can hang onto the ball and the offensive line can give Cards quarterback Kurt Warner time to throw, it could end up being a very happy day for the Cards and their fans.

Not one analyst for ESPN though has picked the Cards to win this one.  Everyone has taken Green Bay.  I understand to a point why, based on last week and how both teams finished off the regular season.  The Cards aren’t playing on all cylinders right now, no doubt.  I’m not sure they would have won last week even if the starters had played the whole game.

Hopefully the Cards will prove everyone wrong though.  I say they do.

Cardinals 30 Packers 28


Scott Allen