10 Things We Learned From the Arizona Cardinals


So, having a hard time trying to analyze how this weekend’s game the Arizona Cardinals have against the New Orleans Saints will go?  Me too.  However, here are 10 things we learned from the Cards game this past Sunday against the Green Bay Packers.

1. Defense is certainly an option.  Oh sure it’s an option that certainly is optimal, but it’s apparently not a necessity.  As long as you have studs like Kurt Warner and his receiving core, there are no worries.

2. Michael Adams is like your child.  He drives you nuts with all the bad things he does, but then he makes you so proud with the one thing that ultimately saved the day and makes you forget about all those bad things.  After so many penalties, missed tackles, he causes the fumble in overtime to win the game and send the Packers home for the season.

3. The number five is better than four, even in these playoffs.  Sure the Cards were the higher seed at four over Green Bay’s five, however Kurt Warner has more touchdowns, five, than incomplete passes, four.

4. Struggle in December, get written off.  Struggle and give up 35 points in one half of a playoff game, yet find a way to pull out a win in the highest scoring game in NFL playoff history, be the hottest thing talked about all over.  The Cards were all but written off as having no chance to defeat the Packers and now every place you turn, the NFL talk is about the Cards chances to beat the once undefeated New Orleans Saints as recent as four weeks ago.

5. Karlos Dansby has a short memory.  After picking up the fumble ion overtime to score the winning touchdown, he said in an interview that the defense came to play.  Umm, Karlos, were you there for that second half? Oh wait, no he wasn’t, the Packers scored 35 points in his absence.

6. The Cardinals don’t need Anquan Boldin. You know why.

7. The Cardinals need Kurt Warner not to retire next season.  Again, I think you know why.

8. Just when you think you have the Cardinals all figured out, they change your mind.  Who knows what will happen in New Orleans.  Just know this…the Cards were 4-4 at home in the regular season, yet saved their best for last in the playoffs.  They were 6-2 on the road this season, have they saved their best for this week?

9. Neil Rackers time in Arizona could be coming to an end.  Rackers was reliable in the regular season, but clearly coach Ken Whisenhunt doesn’t trust him from more than about 45 yards and after this past weekend, does he even trust him if they find themselves in overtime again having to kick from 35?  They might be better off just trying to score the touchdown.

10. Don’t bet against the Cardinals, no matter how many points the Cards give up.  Then again, don’t put money on them either unless you are being given the points.  The latest line has the Saints as seven point favorites.  Save that money to buy your NFC Championship and Super Bowl gear.

Go Cards!!

Scott Allen