Arizona Cardinals Head to the Bayou to Face the Saints


Cajun cookin’ on Saturday at the Superdome.  The Arizona Cardinals are going to get some…deep fried New Orleans Saints.

Ok, a little over the top, however both offenses probably will be doing some cooking come game time at 2:30pm on Saturday afternoon.  This is a game that could come down to the final possession, no matter how high or low the score is.

The Cards are going to try to stop the offensive machine that is Saints quarterback Drew Brees and his co-stars.  Easier said than done.  You remember how Cards quarterback Kurt Warner picked the Packers defense apart and how Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers picked apart the Cards defense on Sunday.  Don’t be surprised to see much of the same.  Brees has many weapons in the receiving core as the Cards do.  Both teams have weapons in the running game as well.  The Saints added another one this week, adding former running back Deuce McAllister to the roster.  However, McAllister will not play, but serve as an honorary captain.

However in a game expected to be another high scoring offensive battle, do not be surprised to see this come down to the defenses once again.  The Saints Darren Sharper had six interceptions and New Orleans is virtually unstoppable when they take the ball away from you.  The Cards must take care of the ball.  As we know they led the NFL in fumbles during the regular season.  They had one last Sunday.  If the Cards win the turnover battle, they should remain in the game for the duration.

I see each defense making some plays, maybe even getting a score of their own.  There will still be scoring though from each offense and plenty of it.  It’s time to take care of business.  Cards come out with a 35-32 victory.


Scott Allen