Saints Overpower Cardinals From Start, Cruise 45-14


It was never a contest.  Ok I take that back, it was for the first 19 seconds, which is all it took for the Arizona Cardinals to score their first touchdown.  After that, it was all downhill.   The New Orleans Saints cruised to a 45-14 lead. 

Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner was pressured all day.  He never had enough time to throw and consistently had pressure in his face and the Saints offense was obviously too much for a Cardinals defense that clearly needs help in the off-season. 

A few observations:

The Bryant McFadden era should be allowed to expire.  He exhibited the issues that really dogged him all season.  He’s a player that came from a Super Bowl team that clearly proved he was not the reason the Steelers won the big one.  He consistently blew coverage and was often slow to the ball. 

Neil Rackers, it was good to know you.  Rackers clearly is done, not just with the Cardinals, but forever.  His 50 yard kick that fell short in the first half showed why.  If you can not hit a field goal from 50 yards indoors in the NFL, you are no longer an NFL kicker.  We loved you while you were here, but look for the Cards to go in a different direction in 2010. 

Drew Brees should have won the MVP.  He was nearly flawless, much like Warner was last week. 

Matt Leinart, welcome back to the NFL as a starter.  Look for Warner to retire.  I don’t know if there is a better option out there right now other than Leinart.  Cards fans, get ready for lefty. 

Reggie Bush is back.  His ability to make people miss tackles and to work his way out of the ones he got in the middle of, was quite amazing to watch. 

Cardinals defensive coordinator Bill Davis should be fired.  No matter how good the opposing offense is, no excuse to give up 80 points in two consecutive halves, especially in the playoffs much less the regular season.  Even the St. Louis Rams wouldn’t have given up 45 today, 35 in one half.

Fox broadcasters Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston are ridiculous and should be fired.  In the first half when the Saints had an interception taken away thanks to a personal foul penalty on Warner, all they could say was “what a shame.”  What a shame it was to have to listen to that and shame on them for being one-sided. 

Well, it was a nice run.  We’ll see what next season brings.  Now, time for the off-season.  Good luck Saints!

Scott Allen