Kurt Warner Retirement Watch, Day Five


No official word from Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner on whether he will retire or not yet.  I probably wouldn’t expect an answer in the next few days, but most likely before the Super Bowl is my guess.

Based on comments he made to Rick Reilly from ESPN.com the other day, it certainly seems people have completely different takes on the meaning of his comments.  He said he wished God would take away his love for the game to make the decision easier.  To me, I don’t know what that means.  I hope it means he will stay, but ask a couple of media personalities, they have a more confident take.

Craig Fouhy from ABC15 said he thinks those comments mean he is leaning towards retirement.

Mark Asher from 620 KTAR Sports interprets those comments as meaning he is leaning towards staying.

Bottom line is no one knows for sure except for Warner himself and even he probably doesn’t know the final answer yet.  This much I do know, the Cardinals are a much better team with him and can still make a serious run for the Super Bowl even with other free agency losses expected over the off-season.  Here’s hoping he stays!

Scott Allen