Kurt Warner set to Make an “Announcement”


Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner announced today he is going to hold a press conference on Friday, at least according to his agent.  Nothing was stated as to the topic, however, rarely do you call a press conference if you are going to stay another year.

My guess is he is set to retire and hand the reins over to Matt Leinart.  I’ve been reading some interesting thoughts about this subject.  I even read in one place about an Anquan Boldin and Matt Leinart to the Philadelphia Eagles for Donovan McNabb rumor.  That rumor was shot down by azcardinals.com blogger Darren Urban, saying Leinart should get first shot at replacing Warner.

I do think should Warner not return, the Cardinals are more opt to look for a backup in the draft in the middle rounds.  The free agent group of quarterbacks isn’t that great and I think the Cards would be better served by a young guy coming in to learn the system behind Leinart.  That’s not to say though if the right deal came along, I wouldn’t be happy signing someone of true quality.

We’ll see what happens on Friday.  The Cards said today they don’t know anything about Warner’s decision or press conference.  I would tend not to believe that, however they’ve decided not to say a word and allow Warner to go out on his own terms.  I hope he stays.  Probably not going to happen though.

Scott Allen