No Surprise as Kurt Warner Retires


Well, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner did it.  He retired on Friday as many suspected he would.  Now you can call him former Arizona Cardinals quarterback.

In an anti-climatic press conference, Warner said he was ready to leave the game after 12 years of service in the NFL, mostly due to the fact he would like to spend more time with his family.  As much as it pains to see him go, he does leave the game on his own terms and although he did not get the Super Bowl win for the Cardinals fans wanted him to get, he ended up bringing respectability and high expectations for the future to a franchise that spent much of its first two decades in Arizona trying to do just that.

He will always be known as a class act and he has the respect of many on and off the field.

"“There is no debating the fact that Kurt Warner is one of the most astonishing sports stories we’ve ever seen” – Bob Glauber,"

"“It’s impossible to write the history of the NFL from 1999 to 2009 without making Warner a featured part of it” – Kent Somers, The Arizona Republic“He’s been amazing.  Really’s He’s done everything you can do in the game.  He’s been an MVP.  He has been a Super Bowl Champion.  He plays at a high level year in and year out.  He has nothing left to prove and he’s been a great ambassador for the game as well” – Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys quarterback“Warner left behind a resume that few in the game now could match over even lengthier careers” – Michael Tunison, The Sporting Blog“Kurt Warner leaves quite a void, for the Cardinals and the entire NFC” – Tim Kawakami, Bay Area News Group"

I simply say now, thank you Kurt Warner.  Thank you for all you did for the Cardinals, their fans, and the people of the Valley and all of Arizona and for the rest of the NFL.  You will be missed and the Cardinals and the NFL will never be the same without you.  Good luck with your future endeavors.

Scott Allen