The Next Month May Say A Lot About Cards Future


Now that the Arizona Cardinals are more than a month into the off-season, many questions about what the Cards will do with their current players and free agency abound.

Word is according to Kent Somers of The Arizona Republic the Cardinals may be on the verge of releasing Antrel Rolle with hope of resigning him to a new contract.  It’s a risk because he is expected to test the free agent market if that happens.

Not sure what will happen with the QB position.  Matt Leinart is still the guy for now.  Unsure on the status of Brian St. Pierre.  I am looking forward to the draft to see if the Cardinals will pull the trigger on a QB pick.  I would like to see them too.  I just am not sure if they can find a gem or a solid backup in the free agent market.

Karlos Dansby is another hot topic.  I wish the man would stay.  I don’t think the Cardinals will give him the money he commands, even in this upcoming uncapped season.

We are just a couple of weeks away from the start of free agency. I am looking forward to seeing what the Cards have in mind.

Scott Allen