Derek Anderson Joins the Cardinals


Not sure if the Arizona Cardinals could have fared better, at least in free agency, when they signed former Cleveland Browns quarterback Derek Anderson to a contract today. 

I am not throwing a party based on the move, however I am also not against it either.  I think the addition of Anderson, who was a Pro Bowler in 2007, is a good move and gives competition to Matt Leinart

Anderson has had a rough couple of years in Cleveland, particularly in 2009 when he shuffled in and out of the lineup along with Brady Quinn, who also left Cleveland, via trade to the Denver Broncos.  His arm strength is considered better than Leinart.  He has the ability to air it out just as Kurt Warner did.  The reality of it though are the questions about in-game decision making and the knack for letting bad things snowball.  He didn’t exactly leave Cleveland on good terms, with management or the fans.  His job will be to immediately try to change his perception both on and off the field.  I think he can do a lot of good here given the opportunity.  I would not rule out a QB selection in the draft either, in order to further the competition and possibly get a strong number 2 or 3. 

Scott Allen