Trouble Starts Early For Porter


That didn’t take long.

The newest member of the Arizona Cardinals, Joey Porter, formerly of the Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers, was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving early Saturday morning in Bakersfield, California of all places.

First of all, I knew it would be trouble on the field by signing Porter.  Now, it seems trouble off the field has followed as well.  Is it too late to void the contract?  I don’t care how good the Cards think he is, the fact is the Cardinals over the past three seasons have been trying to change an image.  Now, the image hasn’t been one of players making cameo’s on America’s Most Wanted like the Cincinnati Bengals played a few years back, however the image prior to 2007 was one of a franchise that could never get anything right.  No matter how hard they tried, or seemed to try, bad luck always followed the team.  The last thing this franchise needs now is a black eye with Porter.

It gets better.  Apparently Porter decided to offer up a little resistance to getting out of his vehicle before relenting and getting out.  This is exactly the type of character the Cardinals do not need on their roster.  I hope the Cards take a long look at this situation.  I believe in second chances as much as the next person, so maybe we offer him one, maybe we don’t, but the Cards need to make sure they know what they are getting in Porter and review this situation carefully before offering any kind of support behind Porter on this one.

Scott Allen