It’s “Feely” Happening; Ex-Jets Kicker Signing With Cards


Say goodbye to the Neil Rackers days in Arizona.

The Arizona Cardinals are on the verge of signing ex-New York Jets kicker Jay Feely as their placekicker for the upcoming season.  ESPN reports that Feely will sign a two-year deal.

It’s a surprise the Jets gave up so quickly on a kicker who was near perfect last season in New York.  Feely was 30-36 in field goal attempts and a perfect 32-32 in extra point attempts.  He even filled in as punter in last season’s playoffs.  What more can the guy do?

It’s no surprise the Cardinals are going with Feely over re-signing Neil Rackers.  Rackers, who spent seven seasons in Arizona, clearly was falling out of favor.  It was never said in so many words, however just by the actions of the Cardinals in certain situations on the field in 2009, you could clearly see the confidence in Rackers was waning.  No longer was he attempting field goals over 50 yards.  Even in 40 plus yard attempts on several times, the Cards opted to go for it or even take a penalty and punt.  Now some of that was due to the success of punter Ben Graham being able to pin teams inside the five yard line.

Rackers did miss some critical kicks over the past couple of seasons, however you have to applaud his work ethic, which actually may have done him in.  Not reporting his injuries to be as serious as many thought they were, he continued to kick to the point of extreme pain.  Many believe his injured groin is the reason for the missed game-winning field goal against the Green Bay Packers back in January’s wild-card playoff game.  Luckily the Cardinals were still able to prevail.

Whatever the reasons are for the Jets moving on without Feely and the Cardinals without Rackers, the fact is we now have a new kicker.  Let’s embrace the guy.  There have already been so many changes in the roster since the playoff loss to the New Orleans Saints, what’s another big one like this?

Thank you to Neil Rackers for all he did.  Now, it’s Jay Feely time.

Scott Allen