Starting Quarterback No Sure Thing


Sure Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt says all the right things.  Matt Leinart is the starter heading into the 2010 season.  So was he in 2008 as well though before Kurt Warner won the training camp competition and early.

The Cards signed Derek Anderson to a pretty sweet deal a few weeks ago.  Coach Whiz annointed him the backup immediately.  Again, all the right things were said.  However, does anyone truly believe Whiz is 100% sold on Leinart as his starter?  I don’t believe it.

Anderson, to his credit, said he was told right away he would be coming in as the backup and still agreed to a contract.  I’ve got to think though he would not have agreed to a contract here if he didn’t think somewhere in the back of his mind that at some point he would get the opportunity to start.  He’ll never admit that publicly, however.

There is also the question about the upcoming NFL Draft.  Some have looked at Tim Tebow possibly being drafted by the Cards.  I say no way.  He’s not the right fit and I still heavily question his ability to perform in the NFL, at least as a quarterback.  The Cards may still draft a quarterback in the late rounds.  That I would not be surprised to see.

Then, there is the talk about one Donovan McNabb.  It’s funny to watch local media guess about the Cards thinking on him.  The Philadelphia Eagles are obviously dangling him out there, listening to offers.  He is a valley resident, which just adds fuel to the fire.  Bottom line is, I can’t see him coming to Arizona as much as some of us would like to see it.  He comes with a hefty price and the Eagles have said they will not accept anything lower than the 42nd pick in the draft.  The Eagles will ask for a lot and they can.

Whoever the man behind center is come September, we all know that person will have a lot of expectations behind him and anything less than the playoffs will be considered a failure.