Ranking the Best Available Quarterbacks


There has been so much talk about the Arizona Cardinals looking for options at quarterback outside of current Cards QB’s Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson, the possibility of the Cardinals taking a quarterback in the draft is a strong possibility.  With Donovan McNabb landing in Washington, it would be no surprise that the Cards find a third quarterback in this week’s 2010 NFL Draft, possibly even at number 26 if their defensive wants are already off the board.

Here are my rankings of the top five quarterbacks available in the draft.

1. Sam Bradford, Oklahoma

It would be a surprise if he doesn’t end up in St. Louis as a Ram with the first pick. Clearly the best available at the position.

2. Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame

Clausen doesn’t have the greatest arm strength, however he is smart and makes good decisions with his throws.  He too will most likely be gone before the Cards consider a QB.

3. Colt McCoy, Texas

McCoy is another smart playmaker who possess accuracy.  He, like Clausen, does not have the best arm out there.  I would not be surprised to see the Cards give him consideration, especially if he is still around in the second round.  Still not convinced he is a smart first round choice coming off an injury.

4. Tony Pike, Cincinnati

Pike is a patient quarterback who is very good at sensing the rush.  Some experts are worried about his size though.

5. Jarrett Brown, West Virginia

I like Brown’s athleticism and ability to avoid the rush, something that each top quarterback does well.  Might not fit the Cards system, but maybe a team that likes to use the Wildcat.

Scott Allen