NFL Schedule Shows Little Love for Cardinals


You might argue why would I say the NFL shows no love for the Arizona Cardinals, given that they will be home four of the last six weeks of the season.  Sure that might be great, but if they are already in a hole because of a poor road record, it won’t matter by then.

The Cardinals don’t even play their first home game until September 26th, in week three, against the Oakland Raiders.

Only two national television games highlight the schedule this season, which to be honest, Kurt Warner or no Kurt Warner, is very disappointing.  Of course I predicted right, one of them will be at home against the San Francisco 49’ers, on ESPN Monday Night Football on November 29th.  The other game is at home against the Dallas Cowboys on Christmas Night on the NFL Network.  What?  Remember the last Cowboys-Cardinals Christmas game?  It was 1995 and coach Buddy Ryan ran off the field before the game even officially ended.  Of course both teams are immensely different now, but still, who pissed in the NFL’s Cheerios to make the Cards play on Christmas?  Against the Cowboys nonetheless!

The Cardinals open the season on the road in St. Louis, so at least an Arizona Cardinals player will be the first to officially sack soon-to-be Rams quarterback Sam Bradford.  The finish the season on the road as well, in San Francisco.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers make their first ever trip to University of Phoenix Stadium on October 31st.  The Raiders visit in September will also be their first to the new stadium.

I’m a little surprised the New Orleans Saints game on October10th at UOP Stadium is not on national television.  I’m just as much surprised the game at the Minnesota Vikings on November 7th in Minnesota is also not tabbed for national television.  That game is one of four early Sunday games for the Cardinals.  The others are at the Atlanta Falcons on September 19th, at the Kansas City Chiefs on November 21st, and at the Carolina Panthers on December 19th.

Also visiting this season will be Seattle Seahawks on November 14th, the Rams on December 5th, and the Denver Broncos on December 12th.  Rounding out the road schedule, a huge game in San Diego against the Chargers on October 3rd and the Seahawks on October 24th.

Scott Allen