Niners Make Trade, Swap Spots to Get Anthony Davis at Number 11


The San Francisco 49ers made the first trade of the draft, swapping spots with the Denver Broncos at number 11, giving the Broncos the number 13 and selected Anthony Davis, OT from Rutgers.

The Niners must have really wanted this guy to trade up and ensure he was theirs.  Clearly, the Seahawks and 49ers wanted to get immediate upgrades at the offensive line to protect their quarterbacks.  With a  new quarterback and two new offensive tackles in the division, the Arizona Cardinals DT Darnell Dockett must be licking his chops right now.  He will have some tough customers to deal with, but I’m sure Dockett wouldn’t have it any other way and neither would I.

Now the draft is getting interesting….as if it wasn’t before!

Scott Allen