Seahawks Take Russell Okung with Sixth Pick in 2010 Draft


It’s the Seattle Seahawks turn.

With the sixth pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, division rival Seattle Seahawks took OT Russell Okung .  The Arizona Cardinals of course face the Seahawks twice.  Okung is a great blocker, can throw defensive lineman to the ground with the best of them, and with his long arms, he can be a force in the Northwest for a long time.  Be on the watch Cardinals fans.  The days of getting the hawks quarterback on a consistent basis may be coming to an end for quite awhile.

Okung is a smart choice for the Hawks.  They need to find an improved offensive line that can protect any quarterback that lines up behind center in Seattle.  Hawks QB Matt Hasselbeck has had many injury problems over the past few years.  The selection of Okung may just have kept Hasselbeck in the league a little longer.

Cardinals will face the Seahawks for the first time this season in Seattle on October 24th.

Scott Allen